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Start selling art by using your B&B walls. With Babart as easy as 1-2-3.

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1. Choose Art

Become a member and browse for art in our online catalog.  choose the works you would like to display in your space. Babart will print and frame the works and will ship them to your B&B.


2. Exhibit art

Exhibit the works in your B&B. AEvery frame has a QR code and a link attached to it, your guests of your B&B can admire the art in your B&B, get more information about the artists and acquire the artworks with a few simple clicks with their smartphones or tablet. The frames are made to fit in a standard sized hand luggage airplane suitcase. Packaging material is attached on the back of the frame, your guests can pay and pack the frame fully autonomous.

3. Get paid and get new works

Once the work has been sold, you will immediately receive a 25% sale commission on your bank account. Now it's time for you to refresh your walls with new art!