How to upload your photos for Print

For Instagram prints, framed prints and portfolio prints, the file should be in JPG. The maximum file size is 20 mb. Be aware that the larger your file, the longer it will take to upload. If your photos are larger then 20 mb, use our Large Format Print uploader.

Can I make changes to my uploaded design?

Yes, if you create an account, you will be able to redesign your product. If you did not create an account, you will not be able to redesign your order.

Which Browser to use?

We recommend using Firefox or Chrome for the Product Designer (Instagram Prints, Framed Prints, Portfolio Prints)

My print is darker and/or has different colors then the photo on my screen

When the color or the brightness of the print is different then what you saw on your monitor, then probably your screen is not calibrated well. Calibrating a monitor requires a colorimeter, an essential tool for professional photographers. We can advice you on the right tool.

Lead Times

Normally, lead times are between 5-7 business days. If your order takes a bit longer to produce, we will inform you.


All our prices are including 22% IVA

I am an Artist, how can I copyright my images?

Larger photos will automatically have a watermark applied. When you upload photos which are very large, we will automatically resize them so they are not usable for printing anymore.